We understand the management of our clients’ cash reserves. The primary aim of our strategy is to create foreseeable and stable revenues, thus preventing devaluation of your assets. We do not increase the risk of trading with financial products at your expense and do not provide brokerage services.

For twelve years, we have been developing and applying a unique investment model, the so-called Cash Flow Protection Model (CFPM), which offers a conservative deposition of available funds to minimise their devaluation by inflation. Our CFP models are tailored to the needs and expectations of each and every client. Despite repeated periods of economic crises, they are able to protect the value of the funds invested.

The CFPM is an investment structure bearing a fixed interest rate and based on the selection of high-quality corporate bonds of financially stable companies and individually tailored to each individual client so that the rate of valuation of the invested funds can be determined in advance and compared with the expected inflation rate. Only financially sound and stable companies capable of meeting their financial obligations during the entire bond term can satisfy the selection criteria. These are the bond issuers that we seek and they are subject to our diligent analysis and evaluation of their financial positions throughout the entire investment term

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